About RMAC

Our mission is to provide opportunities for students and adults to enhance awareness and appreciation of the arts by participating in cultural experiences and by being a catalyst for community enrichment through the creative arts. RMAC also gives back to the community financially, including a yearly RHS scholarship.


RMAC is made up of a Student Committee and an adult Board of Directors. The student committee meets monthly to create, plan, and coordinate events. Meetings are generally held on the first Sunday of the month from 4:00-5:00 pm at 6 Ivy Hill Road, Ridgefield.  In 2013 RMAC renovated St. Andrew’s old church space, which now boasts a new stage, permanent exhibition space, and lots of seating.  Most RMAC events now take place at this space located at 6 Ivy Hill Road in Ridgefield. Map Link.

There are many opportunities not only to perform or exhibit, but also to be part of the decision-making process. Learning how to run events and take a leadership role are some of the many skills RMAC helps students to develop. Community service is encouraged as RMAC provides ongoing opportunities to perform at community events throughout the year.

The adult board also meets monthly, generally on the second Wednesday of the month from 6:00 – 7:00 pm. New members are needed and welcome. For more information, e-mail RMAC President Maureen Chakraborty at maureenchakraborty@gmail.com.

RMAC Executive Student Committee 2017-2018:

Andi Chakraborty – Co-President
Claire McLaughlin – Co-President
Vivian Altopp – VP Communications
Jennifer Gordon – VP Talent Recruitment for Art and Head of Graphic Design
Marshall MacDonald – Secretary
Emma Bruce – Public Relations Media Manager & Graphic Design Team
Lindsay Spallone – Photographer
Donata Libonati – Tech Team & Graphic Design Team
RMAC Board of Directors
Maureen Chakraborty, President
Sandy Staples, Secretary
Susan Gately, Treasurer
Barbara Bangser
Jacquie Duke
Linda Haines, Past President
Gabrielle Bouissou, Program Director


Past student presidents:
2015-17 – Lauren Chakraborty
2014-15 – Kyle Duke
2013-14 – Michael Rosamilia
2012-13 – Maddie Wroblewski
2011 – 12 – Allie Perlman
2010 – 11 – Ana Nagaraj
2009- 10 – Cam Bell
2008 – 2009 – Kevin Haines
2007 – 2008 – Kevin Haines