Fridays After Five ’09

3rd Annual RMAC Summer Concert Series was better than ever!
at Town Hall, Main Street, Ridgefield
June 5 through August 21

Live music Friday nights from 6:00 – 9:00 pm

June 5 – Nightingales (female acapella group) and Mel Bresnan (solo singer/keyboard)
June 12 – Def Con 4 (band)
June 26 – Split for the City (band) and Jazz Night (jazz ensemble)
July 10 – Ryan Staples (acoustic solo) and Chiar Oscuro (band)
July 17 –  James Zap/Mike Santini (acoustic duet) and Internship (band)
July 24 – Olivia Koterska (acoustic solo) and Maria Koterska/Cam Bell (acoustic duet)
July 31 – Ian Mahoney (solo acoustic) and Def Con 4 returns!
Aug. 7 – A Glimpse at Victory (band) and Kevin Haines Jazz Quintet
Aug. 14 – Jack Wellborn (solo), Julia Paltauf and Carly Cugine (acoustic) and Richie Hume
Aug.. 21 -Rachel Rodgers (Jazz flute), Mel Bresnan (solo singer/keyboard), and Circle the Earth (band)