PHP Bangla Tutorial Part 28 String Functions (trim, ltrim and rtrim)

PHP=Hypertext Preprocessor.
PHP is a server-side scripting language.
PHP first name was a personal home page. Check this video:

Using PHP, we can easily create a dynamic website. As an example- Facebook, Yahoo, Flickr are created using PHP.

Dynamic means what user want and change feature demand of the user. Facebook is the best example of a dynamic website.

Scripting language script means another language of the program.

This tutorial I discuss PHP functions(built-in functions and user define functions).So what is built in function and what is user define functions?

1)Built in function: There are one thousand more built functions in PHP. When PHP program started that time built in function not enough but at present PHP built-in functions cross one thousand.Example- strlen

2)User-define functions: User define functions create a user. Think you are a user now you use any function as an example -name().So without built-in functions which function user create that is call user defined functions.

This tutorial I describe three example built in function.trim,ltrim and rtrim function is a string function.trim function removes whitespace or other characters from the left and right side of a string. ltrim removes whitespace or other characters from the left side of a string and rtrim removes whitespace or other characters from the right side of a string.

User define functions sometimes to write functions argument. But without argument, we can declare/call functions.

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