Shoe Game Songs

Shoe Game Songs, from “Navajo Songs From Canyon De Chelly”

Produced and annotated by Charlotte Heth, a member of the Cherokee nation of Oklahoma and a noted ethnomusicologist.

Album performers: Frank Jishie, Jr. , voice; Raymond K Yazzie, voice; Sam Yazzie Jr., rattle; Sam Yazzie Sr., vocal lead; Kee Chee Jake, voice; Lena Clark, voice; Sam Yazzie Jr., voice

Recorded at Chinle, and Canyon De Chelly, Arizona, September 1975

©2014 Anthology of Recorded Music, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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  • Thank you for sharing this song.
    Appreciate your work

    13 melch July 5, 2020 3:24 am Reply
  • this is the song from sacred spirit!! Finally found the original!! Thankful for youtube rn!

    Cherish Redhouse July 5, 2020 3:24 am Reply
  • Beautiful song, it is felt in the soul that comes from a very spiritual world and that is understood living its true origin. I descend from the Chancas and Pocras that lived in the ancient Peru South of America and here also there are beautiful dances that express the feelings of each community. Fraternal greetings brothers descendants of the true born of North America. These songs even cure illnesses and disorders that the science of the white man does not understand.Alejandro García

    Pablo Garcia Vasquez July 5, 2020 3:24 am Reply

    Pablo Garcia Vasquez July 5, 2020 3:24 am Reply
  • thank you

    christian keller July 5, 2020 3:24 am Reply
  • really cool

    Andres Medina July 5, 2020 3:24 am Reply
  • 👏 'AhóÁ+ 👍 I Like.

    Check out this song my people:

    Watch "N8V ACE – Shimá/ Shimásání (Native, Navajo, Diné Language)" on YouTube

    Diné Nation ✊
    Navajo Tribe 🌽

    N8V ACE July 5, 2020 3:24 am Reply
  • Kool

    Valtrina Abeyta July 5, 2020 3:24 am Reply

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