The WiFi router that rocks! – Xiaomi Mi R3P (and English GUI tutorial)

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Xiaomi have recently presented the first router from their Pro-line. It’s called the R3p, it is dual band and supplies the impressive 2600Mbit total throughput.

It is powered by 1.4ghz dual core IPQ8064 CPU, combined with a dual-core network co-processor
There is support for disks up to 8TB via USB Type-C interface.
The four antennas that you see are promising phenomenal wall throughput and –
based on my testing – the signal is significantly better than most of the routers I’ve used so far.
This is my first all-metal router, and besides being heavy, you are right to think that this type of material will provide efficient cooling.
There are 3GbE ports. The WAN port is also GbE.
There’s a singled LED on the front. A power switch or button is missing, you only have a reset button and the rest is controlled by software. From your favorite settings you won’t find a WPS button either.
It also lacks IPv6 support, which might appear at some point via firmware update.
Benefits are MU-Mimo support (in short – simultaneous communication with multiple devices), VPN support and Up to 126 simultaneously connected devices
Your first option is to configure it via the Mi Wifi app, which is in English. It won’t provide all the options you might be looking for though. For power users things like DMZ and port forwarding are quite important. Therefore the GUI access is needed.
And now, here’s the good news: I will show you an easy to follow tutorial that will let you update the router’s firmware, and switch from Chinese to Taiwanese ROM, which supports English language.
Just follow the steps on the screen and flash the firmware version you see.
The flash procedure should take around 3-4 minutes. It might be possible to do this via the mi wifi app, however I have never tried and cannot confirm that it’s working. That’s something you can test (I mean – update via the app) and let me know whether it works via the description below.
Once English is the main language, the picture gets quite different. Clean menus. Overall – pleasing interface, which is based on the super popular LU-Ci. And that probably rings a bell if you’ve ever used DD-wrt or Openwrt. The first section is the status. Storage is brought to a separate menu. That’s where you can utilize your attached disk. The backup app is currently in Chinese only and that ain’t be easy to use. Not for me at least.
Settings is the most important menu. There are plenty of options, including creation of a guest-WiFi. Security options and LAN settings offer standard features – you have here a wide range of goodies.
The advanced features let you control QOS, NAT, port forwarding and VPN connections.
While I was conducting various tests, the router’s performance has pleasantly surprised me. Throughput is great! Since I am not specialized in wireless reviews, the values I got won’t be too accurate. A test which is legit though is comparing the router’s coverage versus my Archer c7. And, surprisingly to me – it was usually between 20%-50% better, no matter which spot of a room I was at. Just watch the graphs – the wall penetration is way better than on my TP-Link. On spots where I usually had to connect to my extender router, the mi pro was giving me enough signal to surf without any issues.
As a conclusion – a very capable router, offering impressive coverage, lovely performance and top-notch features. If you can live with the few mentioned flaws and can go through the firmware upgrade procedure, you are likely going to be more than happy with it.

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🔹 – ✔ Xiaomi R3P Pro WiFi Router(SALE!)

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  • Xiaomi R3P OpenWRT test subjects are needed for anyone that wants to see the latest full version of OpenWRT running on their R3P. An early strip down version of OpenWRT is the basis for the original R3P ROM/Firmware but with Xiaomi's twist to it like no IPv6 and major limitations etc. If you want to help get the full version up and running head over here.

    ecotts July 4, 2020 5:44 pm Reply
  • Now out of date and the English interface is not available making it unusable unless you read Chinese

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  • Don't skip setting the location to Taiwan, if you leave the router at default (China) it will automatically download the a newer firmware and restart back in Chinese language. If you set it at Taiwan, it will check firmware and see that it's current and not update.

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  • Hi, recently I bought the router and it's tiny bit slower than my old one, any idea? QoS is set correctly, speed dropped from 93/72 to 74/62.

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  • please ALL BE AWARE that this router doesn't allow to set DMZ at the same time with port forwarding. Just buy if you really intent to upgrade the firmware to OpenWRT because its main functionality is very limited and doesn't allow to redirect port 80 at all

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  • Hi, i've just followed the simple steps, and after the upgrade from the router UI, router was restarted, and never came back.
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